The Sorting Candle
The Sorting Candle
Wild Hunt

The Sorting Candle

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But where to put you?

Shall you dwell in the house of the brave?

Or perhaps with those clever and wise?

Do you belong with the loyal and just?

Or where cunning and power's the prize?

Light the sorting candle and after 30-60 minutes your House colour and scent will be revealed!

House of the Brave - Red reveal. Scent of Maple Waffles and fireside.

House of the Wise - Blue reveal. Scent of Earl Grey Tea and Lavender.

House of the Loyal - Yellow reveal. Scent of Butter Beer.

House of the Cunning - Green reveal. Scent of Pine, stone and Petrichor.

Candle Information

  • Hand poured, 120g Soy wax blend
  • Burn time: approx 22 Hours
  • Softly crackling wood wick
  • Unique, custom blended fragrance using premium fragrance oils and essential oils