Choose your own Adventure Collection
Wild Hunt

Choose your own Adventure Collection

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We didn't stick with just one fandom when creating our candles, so why should you when burning them?!

In the Choose your own Adventure boxed collection, you can choose to mix and match any 4 100g candles from our list below.

Step 1) Make the difficult decision on which scent themes to pick
Step 2) Add the set to your cart, click on the 'add a note to your order' text and add the names of your four chosen candles into the notes box.

Scent themes

Geralt of Rivia


O'Valley of Plenty    

Master of the Hunt


Kaer Morhen



Second Breakfast

The Shire

Halfling Tavern

Forbidden Forest

Butter Beer

Malfoy Manor 

Potions Class  (Currently out of stock)

Faerie Forest

The Ranger

A Dusty Tome

Thieves' Guild

Elven Ruins   

The Labyrinth  (Currently out of stock)

Mother of dragons

Pirate Cove  (Currently out of stock)


Arthur Morgan

Banshee Queen 

Teldrassil  (Currently out of stock)

Dawn Treader

Health Potion

Sweet Roll


The Underworld

Candle Information

  • Four, hand poured, 100g tins
  • Soy wax blend
  • Burn time: approx 15-20 Hours per candle
  • Softly crackling wood wick
  • Unique, custom blended fragrance using premium fragrance oils and essential oils