Mystery Candle
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Mystery Candle

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Do you dare to try a Mystery Candle?

Our range of candle themes span well beyond the confines of our online store.

In the Wild Hunt vault lies themes that were, themes that are and some themes which have not yet been released upon the world.

Would you like to try one? To celebrate the re-opening of our online store, here is the chance to buy one of our small Mystery candles in the 100g size. 

The only terrifying candle amongst these is the Caraxes candle. In good conscience- we wont spring it upon the unaware (This one is not for the faint of heart).

Do you dare to try?

Candle Information

  • Hand poured, 100g Soy wax blend
  • Burn time: approx 15-20 Hours
  • Softly crackling wood wick
  • Unique, custom blended fragrance using premium fragrance oils and essential oils